Future Trends in Digital Marketing

Virtual Reality

According to TechTarget, virtual reality relates is a software created to make the user accept the environment shown on the technology device. It is a technique becoming more popular in digital marketing with many companies such as IKEA and Samsung. Samsung have created a VR (Virtual Reality) headset. It shows you a completely different setting and location, making you feel like it’s real.


An example of a company who use Virtual Reality is Samsung. The video above shows exactly how it works and why it was so successful. Customers experience something they never do in real life, and that’s what makes it stands out above other headsets in the market.

According to the insiderthere are many future trends to come in the new year. ‘In digital, the key to success is knowing which platforms and technologies present the best opportunities for your business and audience.’ This statement shows how important digital marketing can be for business when it comes to engaging with customers in the right way in order to gain success. There are many examples of future trends in digital marketing.

Video Advertising

This method of advertising is becoming more popular and is used by many companies world wide. According to the insider43% of customers said they would prefer to see more video content in marketing. There is an increase in the younger population who view more video content on their mobile devices than ever before. Video advertising in this case would prove to be very helpful for companies. It would steer the company in the right direction in terms of connecting with the customers in the most effective way. 27906087470_77ee370a1d_o.jpg

Social Media Advertising

Today, there is also a higher usage in social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. Companies can take great advantage of this and gain the attention of their consumers on these platforms. Several makeup brands & artists advertise their products & service over snapchat e.g. Inglot (popular makeup brand in Ireland). They would always announce their new updates on Facebook to increase interaction on their snapchat. Other companies that may use Snapchat for advertising would be fitness/gymnastics. They may post content in relation to healthy foods, different work outs etc. This type of advertising is a great way to target the correct segment of the target audience.